Thugs Killed This Little Boy

Red light

( – Underscoring the alarming rise in crime rates across the country propelled by Joe Biden’s soft-on-crime policies, a 4-year-old boy named Gor Adamyan was shot and killed in a tragic incident of road rage in Los Angeles County.

The boy and his family were headed to buy groceries evening in Lancaster, a suburb of Los Angeles, when their evening took a fatal turn. As reported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the family’s car was followed and then aggressively cut off by another vehicle.

The situation escalated on Sierra Highway near East Avenue J, where the other car, driven by the suspects, pulled up beside the family’s vehicle and opened fire. Young Gor Adamyan, seated in the back of the car, was tragically struck in the upper body. Despite the efforts of witnesses from a nearby business who rushed to help, Adamyan died from his injuries.

Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris expressed outrage, calling it “domestic terrorism at its worst.” He also wished that the suspects had been shot at their apprehension, emphasizing the severity of the crime.

The suspects, 29-year-old Byron Burkhurt and 27-year-old Alexandria Gentile, apparently affiliated with gangs, were swiftly arrested on suspicion of murder. The quick apprehension was aided by license plate recognition technology, which alerted law enforcement as the suspects’ vehicle entered city limits. As explained by Mayor Parris, the technology helps track and predict the movement of vehicles involved in crimes.

The broader context of this incident is grim. The United States has witnessed an alarming surge in gun-related deaths among children. According to the Gun Violence Archive, at least 284 children aged 11 or younger have been killed in shootings in 2023 alone. Furthermore, a study by Boston Children’s Hospital revealed that gun-related deaths among children have increased by 87% over the past decade.

This tragic incident, alongside the fatal shooting of a one-year-old in Memphis, Tennessee, just a day later, underscores a growing epidemic of gun violence affecting American children.

The shooting has left the community in shock, with Mayor Parris reflecting on the tragedy, stating, “This could have been any of our families. It could have been any of us.”