Tom Cotton Calls Out Professor’s CRT Hypocrisy

Tom Cotton Calls Out Professor's CRT Hypocrisy

( – The battle over the radical Left’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) continues. Not only are states across the nation banning public schools from teaching the ideology, but in other more liberal states, parents are petitioning school boards to stop teaching CRT to their children. But, attention is now on the US military after one professor at the US Air Force Academy (USAF) wrote an op-ed about the benefits of teaching CRT to her cadets.

Professor at USAF Academy Defends CRT

On Tuesday, July 6, Professor Lynne Chandler García published an opinion piece with the Washington Post arguing that teaching CRT is “not unpatriotic…nor does it promote division among our military members.” García went on to explain how she wants her cadets to have a “sensitive understanding” of our Constitution.

Further on, she says that the United States was built on a “duality,” with equal rights on one side and inequality for Black Americans on the other – noting that it continues today. García believes in structural racism even within the military and wants to ensure that her cadets understand the different points of view within the diverse units they will soon command.

Senator Tom Cotton Rallies Against Professor García

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke on Fox News’ “The Story” show to address Professor García’s hypocrisy. He highlighted that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has twice previously stated that the armed forces do not teach or endorse CRT, and thus García’s current lesson plans should be removed from the academy. He went so far as to encourage the Political Science professor to “start looking for a different place of employment.”

Senator Cotton’s full statement on this hypocrisy can be seen here:

Senator Cotton made it clear that it should not take an op-ed in a liberal newspaper for Americans to learn that a liberal ideology like CRT is being taught to our nation’s military members. Rather, this should be examined by the academies themselves under the guidance provided by Secretary Austin.

CRT Sneaks Its Way Into Education in Our Nation

Stories have appeared on and off over the past few months of students of all ages being taught some form of critical race theory or discrimination. Some cases have gone so far as to have grade school students identify themselves as privileged or not in front of their classmates. Now, seeing that CRT is being taught even to our nation’s military, it is clear that this has gone too far.

Our soldiers swear to protect our nation and Constitution. While our country does not have a perfect history, military leaders must instill loyalty, pride, and brotherhood into their soldiers to produce the bond needed to fight together on battlefields. Teaching divisive propaganda like CRT will only seek to destroy that incredible bond that keeps our proud nation safe.

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