Top 10 Things Biden Got Wrong in the State of the Union Speech

Joe Biden

( – The way Joe Biden addressed the nation during the State of the Union address on Tuesday night would be sad if he was just an elderly gentleman addressing his local rotary club.

But he’s not.

Biden has been put in the presidency. So, the errors aren’t sad. They are potentially damaging to the United States of America and our allies around the globe.

As Breitbart notes, here are the Top Ten items Biden got wrong.

    1. Biden says “Iranian people” instead of “Ukrainian people”
    2. Biden refers to “a pound of Ukrainian people”
    3. Biden struggles over his demand to end the term “Rust Belt”
    4. Biden calls for “investigating” the police instead of “investing”
    5. Biden stumbles over his claim you cannot build a wall to keep out coronavirus
    6. Biden slurs his pronunciation of “health premiums”
    7. Biden refers to the “Russian Roubelle”
    8. Biden refers to the “infects” of climate change instead of “effects”
    9. Biden struggles to talk about the number of corporations in America
    10. His bizarre ending to his speech, saying ‘Go git ‘im’

Now, one or two flubs during a high-pressure speech, like the State of the Union, with the world watching is certainly understandable. But, those ten are just the low-hanging fruit. There were dozens more that Breitbart or anyone else could select. Hannity had some excellent examples on his show the other evening.

Tragically, it just hammers home the reality that a man has been placed in the presidency who does not possess the mental fitness to fill the most powerful and important job in the world.

Please tell us what you think by emailing [email protected]. Have you ever seen a State of the Union speech with so many flubs, errors, and wrong items?