Top U.S. General Delivers Warning to China

( – America’s top military commander, Gen. Mark Milley, has warned China that it should take notice of Russia’s failure in the invasion of Ukraine and therefore abstain from invading Taiwan.

Moscow leader Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian invasion of Ukraine nearly nine months ago, but the main result has been mind-blowing losses for the Russians, who have been on the retreat since April.

At the same time, led by its leader Xi Jinping, Communist China has made clear its desire to capture the island of Taiwan, a province of the medieval Chinese empire, by force if needed.

The Russian failure to achieve a quick victory in Ukraine, if any, is believed to have made a significant impression on the Chinese leadership.

“For someone who has a military that hasn’t fought in combat since fighting the Vietnamese in 1979, they would be playing a very, very dangerous game to cross the [Taiwan] Strait and invade the island of Taiwan,” US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said concerning China.

“They don’t have the experience, the background to do it. They haven’t trained to it yet,” Milley told reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday, as cited by Newsmax.

The top American commander said he considered Chinese leader Xi a “rational actor,” which is why the People’s Republic of China probably wouldn’t invade Taiwan.

“I think he evaluates things on cost-benefit risk, and I think that he would conclude that an attack on Taiwan in the near future [would] be an excessive amount of risk and would end in a strategic debacle for the Chinese military,” Milley said about Xi.

“It would throw off their ‘China Dream’ of being the number one economic and military power,” he added.

At the same time, the US general admitted that observing the Russians trying and failing to overwhelm Ukraine has “taught the Chinese ‘lessons’ about a potential invasion of Taiwan.”

“President Xi and the Chinese military are learning … that war on paper is a whole lot different than real war. And when blood is spilled, and people die in real tanks being blown up, things are a little bit different,” Milley emphasized.

The Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff acknowledged the possibility that he could prove “wrong,” and the world may witness a Chinese invasion of Taiwan along the lines of Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

“An incident could happen, some sort of political thing could happen in a moment in time, and all of the decisions would change very, very rapidly,” Milley declared.

“But I think that the Chinese would be high-risk to take on an operation like that, and I think it would be unwise, a political mistake, a geopolitical mistake [and] a strategic mistake,” the general concluded.