TRAGEDY: ‘Amazing’ Boy Killed

Red light

( – In the heartrending aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that struck Tennessee over the weekend, communities have been left in sorrow, particularly the family of 10-year-old Arlan Burnham.

Arlan, a fourth-grade student at West Creek Elementary School in Clarksville, tragically lost his life when his family’s home was destroyed in the severe weather event.

Katherine Burnham, Arlan’s mother, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, revealing the extent of their loss. Their house, directly hit by the tornado, was completely demolished, leading to the tragic death of her son. “My beautiful baby boy, Arlan, did not make it out of the house,” she wrote, expressing her profound grief.

The incident also endangered Arlan’s sister, Ella, who was trapped under the debris along with him. Thanks to the heroic efforts of neighbor Billy Urban, Ella was rescued with only minor injuries. Unfortunately, Arlan did not survive the ordeal.

In a state of mourning, Burnham described Arlan as an “amazing” child whose loss is being felt by all who knew him. She also expressed her and her husband’s collective anguish on social media, stating, “Kyle and I are not OK.”

To support the Burnham family in this difficult time, a GoFundMe page was established by a family friend. The aim is to assist them in covering Arlan’s funeral costs and rebuilding their lives. The fundraiser emphasizes the long and challenging road ahead for the family, both emotionally and financially. As of Monday morning, the fundraiser had significantly surpassed its initial goal, raising over $85,000.

The Burnhams are also seeking clothing donations as they attempt to recover from this catastrophe.

The tornadoes claimed other lives in Clarksville as well, with the identities of two adults yet to be disclosed. Additionally, the storms resulted in the deaths of Joseph Dalton, 37, Floridana Gabriel Perez, 31, and her 2-year-old son, Anthony Elmer Mendez.

In a tragic incident, Dalton’s mobile home was reported to have rolled onto Perez’s home during the storm. Perez’s other son, aged 7, and Dalton’s 10-year-old son both sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were hospitalized.

The tornadoes have left a trail of destruction, with 83 people injured and 23 receiving treatment in local hospitals.