Trump Blames Biden

( – Former President Donald Trump, while blaming Joe Biden, expressed his deep sorrow and strong criticism in response to the recent drone attack in Jordan that tragically took the lives of three American troops and wounded many others.

Trump described this event as a direct consequence of Biden’s weak stance and policies when it comes to Iran and national security.

In his statement, Trump emphasized the weakened strength of Iran during his administration, citing the effectiveness of his maximum pressure policy.

He argued that Iran, significantly weakened and financially strained under his presidency, was unable to support militant activities.

However, he contends that the situation changed dramatically under Biden, accusing the current administration of empowering Iran with financial resources, which Trump believes are now being used to fuel unrest and violence in the Middle East.

Trump expressed his firm belief that such an attack, including other regional conflicts like the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel and the War in Ukraine, would not have occurred under his leadership. He asserted that his presidency would have ensured global peace, while suggesting that Biden’s presidency is leading the world towards a potential World War 3.

In his call for a return to a policy of “peace through strength,” Trump emphasized the need to restore order and prevent further loss of American lives. He concluded his statement with a stark critique of Biden’s capability as commander-in-chief, implying that the United States is at risk under his leadership.

In response, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates highlighted President Biden’s decisive actions against Iranian-backed groups, including multiple air strikes. Bates criticized attempts by far-right congressional Republicans to politicize national security issues, pointing out their inconsistency in not criticizing the previous administration for similar attacks on American troops.

He urged congressional Republicans to support President Biden’s efforts to hold Iran accountable and to stop excusing Iran’s support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Bates’ statement reinforces the administration’s commitment to national security and its readiness to respond to threats decisively.