Trump Blasts Biden: Is He Right?

Donald Trump

( – In an exclusive appearance with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, President Donald Trump shredded Joe Biden over his mishandling of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As our friends at Breitbart report in “Exclusive — Donald Trump on Nord Stream 2: ‘I Shut It Down,’ Then Biden ‘Opened It Up'”:

“Former GOP President Donald Trump is bashing his Democrat successor President Joe Biden for enabling Russian President Vladimir Putin by opening up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for Russians to pump natural gas into western Europe — something Trump blocked during his presidency.”

Specifically, when it comes to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Trump stated:

“There was never anybody tougher on Russia than I was,” Trump said in the interview with McDaniel. “And I would say that Putin would, if he was being honest, he would say that the sanctions I put on — I was the one that ended Nord Stream. There was never anybody even close. I mean, Nord Stream 2 was the biggest thing. Nobody ever even heard of it until I came along and complained. And then I shut it down, and there was never anything so big that happened to Russia than shutting down Nord Stream 2. And then Biden came in and he opened it up almost immediately. I couldn’t believe it. And now we are where we are. It’s a disgrace.”

Trump had much more to say on a wide range of subjects, and we encourage everyone to check out the entire piece by clicking HERE.

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