Trump Has Huge Lead Over Rival In Poll

Donald Trump

( – Trump is still the king of the modern Republican Party.

In fact, here at Right is Right, we have not seen a single poll that shows there is any potential GOP candidate who could dethrone Trump as the Republican nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election.

There isn’t even a candidate nipping at Trump’s heels — that’s how big a lead he has as of this moment in time.

A new Rasmussen poll is a case in point of where things stand with the Grand Old Party.

As Newsmax lays it out:

“It still is former President Donald Trump’s Republican Party, apparently.

“In a hypothetical 2024 GOP presidential primary among the two perceived front-runners, Trump tops Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis by 18 points in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

A plurality of likely voters (40%) picked Trump over DeSantis (22%), or neither (15%) when asked who would win the hypothetical GOP primary in 2024…

“Both Trump and DeSantis have a majority favorable opinion at 52% apiece among likely voters. Coincidentally, Trump has higher favorability rating among Republicans than DeSantis, while DeSantis is viewed more favorably by Democrats than Trump.” [emphasis added]

As we said, it is not even close. If Trump wants to run, the nomination appears to be a lock absent something drastic and dramatic happening between now and 2024.

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