Trump Hits Biden With Brutal Reality Check

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

When President Joe Biden officially announced his reelection bid Tuesday (April 25) morning, former President and 2024 GOP contender Donald Trump welcomed Biden into the race with a withering indictment.

In a statement, Trump proclaimed, “You could take the five worst presidents” in U.S. history, put them together, and they wouldn’t have done as much damage as Biden did to the U.S. in a few short years.

In a wide-ranging attack on Biden, Trump previewed the avenues of attack the Republican Party may use against Biden in the upcoming campaign cycle.

Trump attacked the President’s handling of inflation, the economy, rampant illegal immigration, the U.S.’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and several other issues, calling Biden “the most corrupt president in American history.”

The former President also blamed Biden’s “socialist spending” for rampant inflation, calling American cities a “dumping ground” for illegal immigrants and claiming violent criminals were “being released from jail in mass [sic]” while noting police officers were being weaponized “against law-abiding conservatives or Republicans.”

In a nod to the culture wars, Trump also referenced the indoctrination of children by “left-wing freaks and zealots” and suggested the military had gone “woke.”

Trump accused his successor of humiliating the United States on the world stage and claimed that Russia invading Ukraine would not have happened while he was still in office, saying, “Joe Biden has led us to the brink of World War III.”

Trump also wondered why with a disastrous and failed presidency, Biden would even consider running for reelection.