Trump Jr. Exposes Hollywood Hypocrisy In One Tweet

Will Smith Hits Chris Rock

( – Donald Trump Jr. has come out swinging at the Hollywood hypocrisy that he and millions of others believe was on full display last night at the Oscars when Will Smith hit Chris Rock because Smith didn’t like an insensitive “joke” Rock aimed at Smith’s wife, Jada Smith.

Early this morning, Trump fired off the tweet you can see further down this post, stating:

“What kind of privilege is it when you can assault someone on national television and then go ahead and win an Oscar rather than go to jail? Asking for millions of supposedly privileged people.”

Trump certainly has a point. Whether you agree with Smith smacking Rock for an insensitive “joke” or not, if it had been an average hard-working American who hit Rock — you know, the ones who are constantly being told they are “privileged” — cops would have rushed the stage, arrested the “privileged” individual, and hauled them off to jail.

And, they certainly wouldn’t have been awarded an Oscar just minutes later.

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