Trump Outraged: ‘Our Legal System is CORRUPT…Our Country is Going to HELL’

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

( – Angered by the jury’s acquittal today of Michael Sussmann — Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign lawyer who was charged with lying to the FBI as part of the “Russiagate” investigation being conducted by Special Counsel John Durham — former President Donald Trump said in a post on Truth Social that “Our Legal System is CORRUPT…our Country is going to HELL.”

The not-guilty verdict stunned Durham, who was handpicked to investigate “Russiagate” by Attorney General Will Barr during Trump’s presidential administration.

Durham has spent several years on the investigation of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton presidential campaign, and others. The criminal case against Sussmann was the first case brought to trial by Durham and his team of prosecutors and federal investigators.

Writing on Truth Social, Trump said:

Our Legal System is CORRUPT, our Judges (and Justices!) are highly partisan, compromised or just plain scared, our Borders are OPEN, our Elections are Rigged, Inflation is RAMPANT, gas prices and food costs are “through the roof,” our Military “Leadership” is Woke, our Country is going to HELL, and Michael Sussmann is not guilty. How’s everything else doing? Enjoy your day!!!

Like many others who’ve watched the Sussmann case, Trump believed Susmann would be found guilty.

However, the jury seemed thoroughly unimpressed by the prosecution’s case against Sussmann.

As the conservative Washington Times, which called the not guilty verdict a “major blow” to Durham’s investigation, noted in its report:

“After the verdict, one of the jurors, a woman who declined to give her name, spoke to the media. She said charges should never have been filed against Mr. Sussmann in the first place.

“‘I don’t think it should have been prosecuted,’ she said of the case. ‘There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.'”

“‘It was the government’s job to prove it and they succeeded in some ways and not in others,’ she continued. ‘We broke it down and it did not pan out in the government’s favor.'”

It is unclear what Durham will do at this point. But it is apparent that Donald Trump is angry and believes justice has not been served.

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