Trump Supporter Brings in Lawyers to Take on New York

Trump Supporter Brings in Lawyers to Take on New York

( – One of the benefits of being an American is the freedom to express oneself and hold opinions however we see fit. But, one Trump supporter believes his freedom is under attack by the city government of Long Beach, New York, who forced the conservative to remove political flags from his car that’s typically parked on a public street.

Michael Wasserman has been flying flags on his Porsche and Jeep in support of former President Donald Trump, which has upset many of his liberal neighbors. The town told Wasserman to remove the flags because they violate a local ordinance that states “[No] sign shall be erected, affixed or maintained within the perimeter of any … public street or public property.”

One American thought the town was being ridiculous singling out Wasserman’s flags:

In response, Wassman filed a $25-million federal lawsuit against the City of Long Beach and its officials for forcing him to remove his flags. He told the New York Post the town was making the “ordinance to fit the crime.”

As we watch this lawsuit make its way through the courts, Americans will likely see other, similar instances where Conservatives are targeted for publicly displaying their opinions. Hopefully, freedom to express one’s political opinions prevails as it’s a cornerstone of our nation.

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