Trump Torches Zuckerberg: Wants THIS Banned

Donald Trump – Former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly hinted that he will run for the presidency again in 2024, recently took aim at Mark Zuckerberg and others like Zuckerberg, who Trump believes privately funnel millions of dollars into election offices.

He believes those alleged actions increase the likelihood of fraudulent elections.

He also took aim at mail-in ballots.

As Breitbart reports in their exclusive “Trump at ‘Rigged’ Premiere: ‘It Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ for Mark Zuckerberg to Privately Finance Election Operations“:

“Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively that states and the federal government should ban private financing of election operations, and make it illegal for people like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into election offices.” [emphasis added]

Trump stated:

“It’s a law that one form or another—whether it’s state or federal—it shouldn’t be allowed,” Trump said when asked about the Zuckerberg cash that flowed into election offices nationwide. “This should not be allowed. I’ll tell you what else shouldn’t be allowed–is mail-in ballots, because nobody knows where they’re coming from and how they’re getting there. Mail-in ballots are rife for fraud, and that’s what happened. They used COVID as just another way of cheating. The number of ballots we had this year as opposed to any other year—who knows where they came from? Nobody knows. Many people got two ballots, three ballots, or more than that. Frankly, they should stop with the mail-in ballots, and they should have one-day elections like they used to. You vote on one day, and you can only use a mail-in if you’re in the military and away or if you’re very ill. Otherwise, you aren’t going to have honest elections.” [emphasis added]

To read the full Breitbart exclusive, and we encourage you to do so, please click HERE.

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