Trump Trouncing Biden

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

( – In a testament to America’s alarmingly deteriorating state under the Biden-Harris administration, Joe Biden faces a significant drop in support among key demographics instrumental in his 2020 victory as the 2024 presidential election looms.

A USA Today/Suffolk University Poll reveals that former President Donald Trump is gaining an edge over Biden, particularly among Hispanic, black, and young voters, signaling challenges for Biden’s reelection campaign.

The survey indicates a shift in Hispanic voter preference, with 39% supporting Trump compared to Biden’s 34%. This marks a significant decline from Biden’s 65% support among Hispanic voters in 2020. Similarly, Biden’s backing among black voters has dropped to 63% from the previous 87%, though he still maintains a substantial lead over Trump’s 12% in this demographic. Among voters under 35, a demographic Biden won by 24 points in 2020, Trump now leads with 37% support compared to Biden’s 33%.

This erosion of support extends beyond party lines, with a considerable portion of Hispanic, black, and young voters indicating a preference for third-party candidates over Biden or Trump. Specifically, 20% of Hispanic and black voters and 21% of younger voters are leaning towards alternative options.

Biden’s overall approval rating also reflects these challenges. Only 39% of voters approve of his performance in the Oval Office, with 58% disapproving. Kamala Harris faces similar ratings, with 33% approval and 57% disapproval. Despite these numbers, Biden remains the clear frontrunner in the Democratic primary, polling at 74% among likely Democratic voters, well ahead of other potential challengers.

In contrast, Trump’s position within the Republican Party remains strong. He leads the GOP primary race with 62% support, significantly ahead of other Republican contenders. Trump’s legal troubles, including four Democratic-led indictments related to various allegations, have not dampened his support base, as evidenced by his robust polling numbers.

As Biden and Trump prepare for potential rematches in key swing states, a significant number of voters express dissatisfaction with both major parties. 17% of voters would prefer a third-party candidate, highlighting the growing appeal of alternatives to the traditional two-party system. The election outcome may hinge on the candidates’ ability to reconnect with these crucial voter segments and address their concerns in an increasingly polarized political landscape.