Trump’s Son Says a War Has Been Waged Against the American Flag

Trump's Son Says a War Has Been Waged Against the American Flag

( – There are a multitude of beautiful symbols that highlight America’s history. Our nation’s flag showcases both the 13 original colonies and our 50 states while our national bird, the bald eagle, is proudly displayed on our national seal. These items tell the story of our nation, and the progressive left is attempting to get rid of them.

On Monday, July 5, Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, spoke with Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” about the Democrat’s “war” against the flag and the overall spirit of patriotism in our nation. Trump highlighted how the Pledge of Allegiance has also come under attack and many Progressives have tried to eliminate the phrase “under God” from as much as possible. Newsmax shared more from Trump on Twitter:

Trump noted that a large part of why his father is so popular is because he protected our nation from the progressive agenda that’s trying to erase these American symbols. He contrasted this with President Joe Biden who has enacted “horrible policies” that have left our economy and southern border in shambles.

Our nation was founded on everyone’s right to freedom, and this is something that must be protected. Eric Trump called the Left’s attempts to rewrite history and alter our nation “nonsense” and assured all listeners that he and his family “will never stop fighting for the greatest country in the world, which is [the] United States of America.”

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