Trump’s Speech Beats Fox News, Who Tried to Ignore Him

Trump's Speech Beats Fox News, Who Tried to Ignore Him

( – Many major news outlets have been ignoring former President Donald Trump since he left office, but that’s not stopped the leader of the GOP from gaining momentum and connecting with his followers. Even Fox News chose not to broadcast his speech at the North Carolina GOP Convention on Saturday, June 5. However, both Newsmax and One America News shared Trump’s words and had more viewers than the other media outlets.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the Saturday night broadcast of Trump’s speech drew 1.1 million viewers to Newsmax through traditional cable broadcasting while on-demand streaming services brought an additional 700,000 viewers. That brought the viewers of former President Trump’s speech to 1.8 million people. In comparison, Fox News during the same time drew 1.5 million viewers, CNN had 490,000, and MSNBC had 501,000.

Journalist and radio commentator Todd Starnes was thankful for Newsmax’s coverage:

During the speech, Trump endorsed Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) to take the place of Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) in the 2022 midterms and condemned cancel culture and many policies pushed by the Radical left and current president Joe Biden. This just goes to show that Trump’s popularity continues to rise, even after leaving the White House, with many supporters expected to support his return.

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