Trump’s Team Drops BOMBSHELL!

Donald Trump

( – Putting up a good fight against the unashamed Democratic-led prosecution, former President Donald Trump’s legal team dropped a huge bombshell regarding his “hush-money” case.

Trump’s lawyers recently took action by filing documents to remove Judge Arthur Engoron from their civil fraud case in New York.

This move came after allegations surfaced that Engoron had “prohibited communications” about the case with someone outside of the courtroom.

The legal team is contesting Engoron’s decision, which found Trump liable and ordered him to pay nearly half a billion dollars to the state, and are also seeking Engoron’s recusal during the appeals process.

In the filed court documents, Trump’s attorneys reference a claim made by real estate lawyer Adam Bailey during an interview with a local NBC News affiliate in New York.

Bailey recounted an encounter with Engoron at the courthouse during the trial. “I actually had the ability to speak to him three weeks ago,” Bailey stated.

“I saw him in the corner [at the courthouse] and I told my client, ‘I need to go.’ And I walked over and we started talking … I wanted him to know what I think and why…I really want him to get it right.”

Trump’s lawyers are raising serious concerns about these interactions and arguing that they are deeply inconsistent with the ethical standards expected of judges.

“Specifically, this Court has been publicly accused of engaging in prohibited communications regarding the merits of this case, in clear violation of the Code and this Court’s solemn oath,” they noted.

They further explained the implications of these actions, suggesting that “In sum, this Court appears to have proceeded not only in contravention of controlling law and the Constitution, but perhaps also contrary to the governing standards of judicial conduct.”

“The gravity of these public allegations of potential misconduct is underscored by the fact that this Court, based upon public reporting, is also now apparently under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct (the ‘Commission’),” they added.

Given these developments, Trump’s attorneys contend that there is at least an “appearance of impropriety,” making it necessary for Engoron to be disqualified from overseeing the case.

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