Tucker Carlson Issues Response to “Pregnant Man” Emoji

Tucker Carlson Issues Response to

(RightIsRight.co) – All languages change over time, and most differences can easily be explained by our changing world or cultural shifts. However, one new proposed addition to the strange Emoji alphabet has left many people, including Tucker Carlson, wondering just what creators of the computer-based language are thinking.

Every year, people from around the world can submit proposals to the Emoji board for approval and inclusion in the next edition of the picture-based language. In September 2021, the Emoji board will release the latest updates to the ever-growing language. However, one proposal likely to be added to cell phones later this year includes the addition of a “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” to keyboards.

Tucker Carlson made sure to highlight the absurdity of this new emoji, pointing out that it looks more like a constipated person than someone carrying a new life inside their womb:

Emojis have had a great influence over our culture since their development, and they often take on a life of their own after being added. However, at some point, the board has to draw the line and stop the influx of biologically impossible emojis from making it to our phones and thus, into our lives.

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