Tucker Carlson Says Good Riddance to Two Never Trumpers

Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg

(RightIsRight.co) – Signaling the growing battle inside Fox News between Trump supporters and Never Trumpers, two of the network’s most notorious Never Trumpers, Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, who’ve made a living out of attacking former President Donald Trump, quit the network over Tucker Carlson’s documentary that argues the riots at the United States Capitol on January 6 may have been instigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to the conservative publication Breitbart, Goldberg and Hayes, two long-time and well-known neoconservatives (neocons) who’ve served as commentators on Fox News for more than a decade, believe that Carlson’s documentary, “Patriot Purge,” is nothing more than a pack of lies pretending to be a factual documentary.

Goldberg told the New York Times, “Whether it’s ‘Patriot Purge‘ or anti-vax stuff, I don’t want it in my name, and I want to call it out and criticize it. I don’t want to feel like I am betraying a trust that I had by being a Fox News contributor. And I also don’t want to be accused of not really pulling the punches. And then this was just an untenable tension for me.”

In response to the news that Golberg and Hayes were resigning as Fox News contributors in protest over Carlson, Carlson said, “our viewers will be grateful.”

And, after Carlson expressed his pleasure that the two were departing, a Fox News spokesperson indicated that the network didn’t plan on renewing their contracts next year – leading some media observers and conservatives to believe the resignations were a preemptive strike at Fox and Carlson.

What is your opinion about Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes quitting Fox News over Tucker Carlson’s documentary? Have you seen the “Patriot Purge” film by Carlson? If so, what do you think about the material presented?

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