Twitter Causes Outrage for Hypocritical Human Rights Statement

Twitter Causes Outrage for Hypocritical Human Rights Statement

( – Democrats love to constantly change and add to the list of rights they believe belong to all people. The latest insane suggestion comes from Twitter, when the microblogging and social media site declared that free and open internet is “an essential human right in modern society.”

On Tuesday, June 1, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari publicly criticized attacks on public buildings in his nation, referenced a brutal civil war, and noted that those “misbehaving” will be treated “in the language they understand.” The following day, Twitter removed the tweet, saying it violated the site’s policy. The Nigerian government retaliated by banning access to the site throughout the nation.

Twitter responded with a tweet, shared here by one American quick to point out Twitter’s hypocrisy:

While Twitter tries to convince the world that accessing their site is a “human right”, they ignore the fact they have censored and banned countless Conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, from their site simply for having different political views. This is yet another example of Big Tech only fighting for “rights” when it suits their own agenda.

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