Two ISIS Terrorists Confirmed Dead by Iraq’s Prime Minister

Two ISIS Terrorists Confirmed Dead by Iraq's Prime Minister

( – The fight against terrorism will likely never be over. But, many battles will be won along the way to help protect all nations from the terrifying radicalism. On Tuesday, January 2, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that two ISIS terrorists who planned a twin suicide bombing in Baghdad last month were killed by the nation’s security forces.

Al-Kadhimi also praised his troops for their heroic efforts to protect their country:

This successful mission against ISIS was the necessary response to the largest suicide bombing in Iraq in the past three years. The bombing left at least 32 people dead and many more wounded.

This strong move from the Iraqi military hopefully shows the nation’s ability to protect its country as ISIS tries to regain strength. While there are still more terrorists to take down, we can be thankful there are two fewer able to plan and carry out attacks today.

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