Ukraine War Proves Green Energy Is Mostly A Scam

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( – While the outcome of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is far from certain, one thing is as clear as it’s ever been: the notion of a world powered by green energy alone is mostly a scam.

By way of just one example, Germany went all-in on “renewables” — even shutting down nuclear plants in the process. Now they’ve realized green energy is not reliable, and they are more dependent than ever on natural gas from Russia, a country they do not support when it comes to the invasion of Ukraine but a country they must pay to keep the lights turned on.

As CNBC notes in “Russia’s¬†war with Ukraine offers critical lessons for global energy markets“:

“Germany was getting about 25% of its electricity from nuclear energy until March 2011, according to the World Nuclear Association. Then German government passed a law to phase out nuclear power following the Fukushima accident in Japan.

“Now, high gas prices and a lack of sufficient energy ‘should motivate Germany to restart its significant nuclear generation portfolio. Even if only in the short-run, this would help buffer the shock,’ Cicala told CNBC.

“‘The decisions to retire nukes were short-sighted and not enough consideration was given to how the shortfall would be made up. But that would’ve been true even without the risk of a supply interruption from Russia,’ he said.”

Bottom line: As most realists have realized for many, many years, Green energy is not all that the left and the environmentalists claim it is, and several countries are getting a huge lesson in that reality right now.

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