UPDATE: Americans Killed and Captured

(RightIsRight.co) – BREAKING NOW: In a development that has caused the United States to deploy military assets to the region, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has confirmed Americans have been killed and taken hostage after Hamas fighters launched a surprise attack on Israel’s southern border from the Gaza Strip.

Blinken stated, “We have reports that several Americans were killed [and] we’re working to verify that.” He also mentioned reports of missing Americans and the efforts to verify those reports.

Blinken described the attack on Israel as a massive terrorist assault on Israeli civilians, with indiscriminate rocket fire targeting men, women, and children. He emphasized the attack’s impact on Israel and called for global condemnation of such actions.

While acknowledging the long-standing relationship between Iran and Hamas, Blinken stated that there was no evidence yet to suggest Iran’s direct involvement in the attack on southern Israel. However, he highlighted the need to address Iran’s support for terrorists and terrorist proxies.

The surprise attack on Israel, involving thousands of rockets and gunmen attacks, raised questions about intelligence failures.

Blinken acknowledged that there would be a later assessment of what might have been missed and areas for improvement but emphasized the current focus on providing Israel with the necessary support to address the ongoing attack.

Hamas’s military commander, Mohammad Deif, announced the launch of the operation called “Al-Aqsa Storm” and called on Palestinians to join the fight. The attack resulted in a significant death toll in Israel, including soldiers, marking a level of casualties not seen in decades.