US Army Threatens to Drop Soldiers Who Refuse Vaccine

US Army Threatens to Drop Soldiers Who Refuse Vaccine

( – Since the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, it seemed like only a matter of time until the current administration would mandate it for federal government employees and the US military. Now, the Army has officially shared its plan to fully vaccinate active-duty soldiers by December 15, 2021, and it gave a grave outlook should anyone refuse to comply.

On Tuesday, September 14, the Army announced its rollout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s order for all US service members to get the jab. The US Army Surgeon General, Lieutenant General R. Scott Dingle, said it’s “quite literally a matter of life and death” because of the rapidly spreading Delta variant.

Soldiers can request an exemption for medical, religious or administrative reasons, but the notice also emphasized those who already had and recovered from COVID-19 will not automatically be exempt. In addition, the release outlined that commanding officers will relieve soldiers from their duties if they do not comply with the mandate and should they continue to refuse the jab after being counseled by their chain of command and medical providers. The statement highlighted that “such reprimands could be career-ending.”

The Army was the first to share its news on Twitter:

After months of President Joe Biden saying he would not mandate a vaccine, millions of Americans are now facing coronavirus jab requirements. Now, tens of thousands of US service members must grapple with whether or not to receive the inoculation, attempt to get an exemption or face suspension from their duties and possibly discharge. This is a decision only they can make with their families and medical care providers.

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