US Diplomat Requests Meeting With North Korea

US Diplomat Requests Meeting With North Korea

( – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been developing various missiles over the past few years and has enjoyed showing them off to the world. As the tension and possibility of a nuclear aggressive North Korea faces the globe, a US ambassador called for denuclearization talks between the nations.

UN Ambassador Asks for North Korea Meeting

On Wednesday, October 20, US Representative to the United Nations (UN) Linda Thomas-Greenfield publicly extended an invitation to North Korea to “engage in sustained and substantive dialogue” to eliminate nuclear weapons from their country. She emphasized that these talks would come “without any preconditions” and that America holds “no hostile intent” towards the nation.

While this was an open invitation, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield made sure to condemn North Korea’s most recent test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile that the Korean Central News Agency advertised on Tuesday, October 19. She highlighted this was “the latest in a series of reckless provocations” that have set leaders around the world uncomfortably on the edge of their seats.

Many Nations Call for Denuclearization

This announcement was a reiteration of recent talks in Tokyo, Japan among US allies. During the September 14 meeting, Japan, South Korea and America asked North Korea to restart discussions about its missile program. These allies pledged their support for the US attempt to denuclearize North Korea as the country continues to test a variety of weapons close to neighboring countries.

Kim Jong-un and Advisors Remain Firm

These invitations to discuss denuclearization came after both North Korea President Kim Jong-un and North Korea’s Ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, emphasized their distaste for UN sanctions that have been in place for 15 years. Kim Song also called out the United States for expressing it has “no hostile intent” while simultaneously creating “hostile policy” towards the nation.

While North Korea has not publicly responded to these invitations, starting talks is likely the only way for the country to get out of the sanctions that have restricted its economy for over a decade.

The Balance of Strength and Power

For years, every US president has had to balance strict sanctions, human welfare and compliance with treaties and agreements as they assess situations like these. President Joe Biden is clearly seeking to rid North Korea of any nuclear capabilities it has, although that would involve intense negotiations and a strong backbone, something Americans are still waiting to see from their sitting president.

So, in the coming weeks, the whole world will be eagerly waiting to see if North Korea comes to the negotiating table and just what it’s willing to give up if it truly wants sanctions dropped.

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