US Governor Giving Away Salary to Charity

US Governor Giving Away Salary to Charity

( – It is always encouraging when government leaders lead by example. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has chosen to do just that this year by giving his annual salary as governor to various nonprofits throughout his state. For the first quarter of 2021, Governor Gianforte chose a drug treatment facility in southeast Montana as the beneficiary.

On Wednesday, June 16, Governor Gianforte, who is a multimillionaire, announced he is giving a quarter of his $120,000 annual salary to One Health Bighorn, a federally qualified health center. The facility provides substance abuse treatment, a peer support program, and medication-assisted treatment for those struggling with meth and opioid addiction.

The governor announced his decision on Twitter:

Fighting the opioid crisis in our nation is a passion for Gianforte. In a statement about the donation, he highlighted that “there’s no silver bullet to end it,” but hopefully by encouraging and funding treatment, Montanans struggling with these addictions can find some relief.

Before taking over as Governor, Gianforte served as a member of the US House of Representatives. He also is the first Republican governor to hold office in Montana since 2005. Through his actions, Greg Gianforte has made it clear that he will put his state and its citizens first.

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