US Military Considering Jet Packs in Future

US Military Considering Jet Packs in Future

( – Warfare can take just about any form these days, and the United States is doing its part to keep up with changing times. A new report from the Pentagon shows that our nation’s military hopes to use jet packs for missions in the near future.

On March 2, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) officially announced that it’s taking proposals about the “feasibility of a portable personal air mobility system.” Don’t let this fancy name fool you, though; they’re specifying a jet pack.

Technology entrepreneur Amit Paranjape posted more about how The military might use these devices:

Not only would these systems provide greater agility on the battlefield, but the jet packs could be more cost-effective than alternative options for a mission. DARPA hopes soldiers could deploy the mobile air systems in under ten minutes and with minimal training. Additional operational goals include the ability to fly at least three miles per mission in near-silence to enhance stealth.

As our nation continues pushing the limits of personnel transport and cutting-edge military technology, these personal air mobility systems mark an understandable next step. Now, we must wait and see who will bid to make this a reality.

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