USS Ronald Reagan Deployed Because of THIS

USS Ronald Reagan

( – The US military launched large-scale joint missile drills with key US ally South Korea shortly after North Korea’s Communist dictatorship test-fired ballistic missiles over Japan.

Besides that, after the initial North Korean missile launch over Japan on Monday, the United States Department of Defense sent the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier close to North Korea’s eastern shores.

The North Korean test was the first time since 2017 in which the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan. On Thursday morning, the regime fired two more missiles.

The joint American and South Korean missile exercises were held over the West Sea, also known as the Yellow Sea, the waters west of the Korean Peninsula.

“[The bilateral missile drills are designed to] showcase combined deterrent and dynamic strike capabilities,” informed the US Indo-Pacific Command, also known as Indopacom.

The military exercises also featured dropping JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) precision bombs on Jikdo, an uninhabited island off South Korea’s western coast.

“The US remains committed to peace and prosperity through the region in order to secure a free and open Indo-Pacific. Our commitment to the defense of the Republic of Korea and Japan remains ironclad,” Indopacom declared.

A separate statement issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea revealed the drills included four US Air Force F-16s and four South Korean F-15K fighter jets. One of the F-15s released two JDAM precision bombs.

The joint military drills suffered a problematic episode when a South Korean ballistic missile malfunctioned upon landing, leading to an explosion on the country’s eastern coast.

“A Hyumoo-2 missile crashed inside an air force base on the edges of the city,” according to the Associated Press, as cited by Newsmax.

According to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the blast didn’t cause any injuries or damage to military facilities.

Even though Monday’s North Korean test-firing of an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan didn’t cause any damage or casualties, the Japanese authorities gave evacuation warnings to the residents of the northern island of Hokkaido and the city of Aomori.

US and Japanese officials, and the Organization of the United Nations, among others, denounced North Korea’s latest missile provocation.

The missile launch by the Pyongyang Communist regime came shortly after US Vice President Kamala Harris visited Japan for the funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before traveling to South Korea.

Harris’s trip to the latter was marked by a speech gaffe in which she said the US had a strong alliance with “North Korea.”