Victim Steps Forward With Democratic Governor Attack Details

Victim Steps Forward With Democratic Governor Attack Details

( As the number of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment victims now hits double digits, Democrats continue to remain silent as women boldly step forward with their stories. The latest accuser detailed her story this week, highlighting how the New York elite “manhandled” her in her own home.

On Monday, March 29, Sherry Vill spoke alongside her attorney Gloria Allred to share her story. In May 2017, Governor Cuomo visited her home in Greece, New York, after devastating floods.

Upon entering her home, Vill says the Democrat kissed her on both cheeks in “a highly sexual manner.” He allegedly kissed her again upon leaving and told her she was “beautiful.” In the weeks following, she received multiple invitations to go to events he was also attending, although the invitations did not include any of her family members whom Cuomo also met.

Newsmax shared the story as it broke:

Democrats were quick to call for the downfall of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he faced accusations of sexual harassment with no credible proof, but they now remain eerily silent as one of their own faces similar charges. This silence from the Left is deafening and shows Americans where the Democrats’ true allegiances lie.

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