VIDEO: Armed Man Fends Off Home Invasion

Armed Homeowner Battles Armed Thugs

( – A group of armed thugs intent on stealing a family’s BMW and possibly invading their home were defeated because the homeowner is a military veteran who served in Afghanistan and didn’t hesitate to take on the thugs with his rifle to protect his wife and his property.

The gun battle in the homeowner’s front yard was intense.

You can watch the video a bit further down this post.

As Fox 5 in Atlanta, Georgia, describes what happened:

“In Clayton County, a veteran says he wanted to make sure his wife was protected after video surveillance caught suspects attempting to break into his vehicle in the driveway. The surveillance video captured the homeowner run out of his home with flip-flops, pajama pants, no shirt, and a rifle to get the armed suspects away.”

Here is the video:

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