VIDEO: Army Vet Takes Down Bad Guy

( – Starting his day at a Florida Starbucks, Army veteran Shane Spicer found himself amidst a dramatic encounter involving a police pursuit of Michael Prouty, a convicted felon with a history of criminal activities. Prouty, who police identified as a career criminal, had attempted to carjack a pregnant woman, a move that set the stage for Spicer’s intervention.

Watch the video below.

This incident unfolded as Prouty was being pursued for allegedly breaking into a residence and stealing a car, which he eventually crashed at a bustling intersection.

Police dashcam footage captured the pivotal moment when Spicer, witnessing the ongoing crisis, leaped from the passenger seat of a nearby car into the woman’s vehicle to thwart Prouty’s actions.

Recounting his immediate response, Spicer said, “I’m gonna get you, buddy. Like, you’re not going anywhere now. Like, you crossed the line.” This decisive action was propelled by his observation of Prouty forcibly removing the woman from her car.

Bodycam footage from the scene further shows Spicer physically restraining Prouty, who reportedly has a record of 13 felony convictions since 2000, as law enforcement officers approached to apprehend him.

Spicer, whose girlfriend and daughter were in the car witnessing the incident, described his intervention as an “instinctive, reactionary” response. He emerged from the situation slightly breathless but unharmed.

Speaking to FOX 35 Orlando, Spicer reflected on his actions, emphasizing the importance of community vigilance. “I feel like if you’ve got the ability to watch out for someone, that you should,” he remarked, hoping that others would reciprocate in protecting his family.

The pregnant woman, six months into her pregnancy, later contacted Spicer to express her gratitude, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Prouty faced multiple charges in the aftermath of this incident. The Ocala Police Department charged him with fleeing and eluding, attempted carjacking, a crash involving injuries, and resisting arrest. Additionally, Sumter County charged him with home invasion, battery on a person over 65, and grand theft of a vehicle.