VIDEO: Biden Attempts To Introduce Dead Congresswoman

Joe Biden

( – Today, at two points while participating in official events at the White House in Washington, DC, Joe Biden seemingly struggled to perform simple tasks.

You can watch both videos a bit further down this post.

At one point, he had to be shown and told by his wife, Jill Biden, where to exit a small stage set up in the Rose Garden and was clearly walking in a very stiff and slow manner as he left the stage.

Here is that video:

At another point, while recognizing and introducing members of Congress sitting in the audience, he began introducing Congresswoman Jackie Walorski. The congresswoman and two of her staffers were killed in a horrific head-on car crash back in August that made national headlines.

Here is that video:

What is your opinion about what is happening with Joe Biden when he has to be shown how to exit a stage and forgets that a congresswoman was killed just a month ago in a car crash that made national headlines? Please share your thoughts and views by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.