VIDEO: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Slams Texas Governor Abbott

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

( – While giving an interview to one of the talking head shows from her office in City Hall, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot slammed Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the way she believes he is treating illegal aliens when he busses them to liberal Democrat cities across the nation as a means of showing those liberal mayors what he is dealing with on a much larger scale.

You can watch the video clip of Mayor Lightfoot a bit further down this post.

According to Mayor Lightfoot:

“[Texas Governor Greg Abbott] is treating migrants — human beings, babies, children elders — he’s treating them like freight. Like a political pawn. There’s nothing of goodwill about what this man is doing. So you asked me before if there was more communication. Where I started to say, Governor, respect these people as human beings. Start with that. Show them the dignity that you want to be shown. Any one of your family members. And when he embraces that very basic American ideology, when he embraces that as a person of faith that he says that he is, then we can have a different conversation. But I don’t expect that from someone like him.”

Here is the video clip of Mayor Lightfoot blasting Texas Governor Greg Abbott over his handling of the illegal aliens who are flooding into his state from Mexico:

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