Video: Delta Boots Conservative Passenger For THIS??

( – Another day and another airline has booted a conservative passenger from flying because of the words displayed on a piece of clothing.

You can watch the video of the incident further down this post.

Not only did Delta Airlines boot the young man off the plane, but it also threatened to put him on the infamous no-fly list.

Why? What were the horrifyingly dangerous words on his hoodie?

The same words thousands of Americans say and wear on clothing every day — “F**k, Joe Biden.”

Yep. Just sitting in his seat and wearing a hoodie with those words was enough for the pilot of the Delta flight to order the flight attendants to have him removed from the aircraft even after he took the hoodie off.

Now, ask yourself this. Do you think they would’ve given him the boot if he’d been wearing a “F**k, Donald Trump” hoodie?

Oh, and by the way, as you’ll see in the second tweet below the video, when the young man contacted Delta via text, he was told they have no policy forbidding words on a shirt. So, this smells like a flight crew that was offended because the words were about Biden.

Is that where we are in America? If a flight crew doesn’t like your politics, you can be prevented from traveling to your destination? You can be placed on the no-fly list?

Please watch the video below that the young man took of his encounter with the Delta crew and then email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion. Do you believe the flight crew should be disciplined? Fired?