VIDEO: Did George Bush Just Admit He’s Just Like Vladimir Putin?

Former President George W. Bush

( – Many years ago, journalist Michael Kinsley defined a political gaffe as “when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.”

Yesterday, former President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, already known for his many verbal blunders, delivered what may go down in history as the most momentous political gaffe of all time in that he may have admitted that he’s no different that Russian President Vladimir Putin when it comes to launching unjustified wars.

You can watch the video clip of Bush making the gaffe further down this post.

Bush was speaking to an audience at the George. W Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas and was being broadcast nationally by C-SPAN.

As part of his speech, Bush addressed the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” of Ukraine.

However, in what many believe was simultaneously a political gaffe and a Freudian slip — an unintentional error regarded as revealing one’s subconscious feelings — Bush said “Iraq” instead of Ukraine.

The context was Bush condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for starting a war with Ukraine, saying:

“In contrast, Russian elections are rigged. Political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia. And the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.”

Trying to be self-deprecating about his astounding blunder, Bush then offered his age, saying, “Seventy-five,” resulting in nervous laughter from the audience.

As everyone knows, Bush has taken considerable heat and blame from all sides for his decision to “launch” what history will likely record in hindsight as “a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,” given that no WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) were ever found in Iraq.

Please watch the video below and share your opinion about former President George W. Bush’s gaffe yesterday when he said Iraq instead of Ukraine while discussing “a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion.” Do you think it was a Freudian slip? A political gaffe that revealed the truth? Email [email protected] with your views.