VIDEO: Hole Blown In Passenger Jet

Red light

( – In a traumatic incident that endangered the lives of passengers and crew midair, a recent Alaska Airlines flight en route to Ontario, California, from Portland International Airport was abruptly forced to return to Portland.

Watch the video below.

After initially taking off in midafternoon, the flight had to make an emergency landing just 35 minutes later, as per Flight Aware’s data. The aircraft carried 171 passengers and six crew members and encountered a severe issue shortly after takeoff.

The drastic turn of events involved a significant portion of the plane’s fuselage being blown out mid-flight. Passengers onboard recounted a chaotic scene, with personal items, including cell phones, being sucked out through the newly formed opening in the plane.

In a disturbing recount of events, one passenger recounted to KPTV how a child seated near the damaged section had his shirt blown off and his skin reddened by the wind. Images captured by KTPV showed substantial damage to the plane’s exterior. In the moments following the incident, oxygen masks were deployed and utilized by passengers as they anxiously awaited the emergency landing.

The pilot’s communication with air traffic control, recorded after the piece of the plane detached, highlighted the situation’s urgency. Additionally, the pilot reported the emergency, highlighting the cabin depressurization and the need to return to the airport immediately.

After the plane’s safe return to Portland Airport, emergency services responded, treating minor injuries and evaluating one individual for further medical attention, as the Port of Portland reported.

The aircraft is a recently built Boeing 737-9 Max with an airworthiness certificate dated October 25, 2023, and is now part of an ongoing investigation. In response to this alarming event, Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci announced the temporary grounding of their entire fleet of 65 Boeing 737-9 aircraft for precautionary safety inspections.

Alaska Airlines confirmed the incident in a statement but did not provide detailed information. The CEO extended his sympathies to those affected by the flight’s ordeal and expressed gratitude for the crew’s handling of the situation. The airline has committed to a thorough investigation and will share further information as it becomes available.