Video: How Kamala/Biden Could End the Border Crisis Right Now

Kamala Harris

( – In a must-watch segment on Fox News the other day, a retired Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent, Victor Avila, addressed Kamala Harris’ recent statements about fixing the border crisis and stopping the tidal wave of illegal aliens crossing into the United States of America from Mexico.

You can watch the video just a bit further down this post.

Harris, who was recently down in Honduras, says that the way to stop illegal immigration is to attack the “root causes of poverty and corruption” in the countries that illegals are fleeing from and coming to the United States.

However, according to retired ICE agent Avila, who is also running for office in Texas, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden could end illegal immigration “right now” if they would allow the United States Border Patrol to do their jobs and enforce the laws that have been passed instead of creating a condition of “complete lawlessness” by means of Democrat policies that are hamstring the Border Patrol.

Watch the video of retried ICE Agent Victor Avila below and then email [email protected] and share your thoughts and opinions about what he says needs to be done. Do you agree with Avila that the Biden administration prevents the Border Patrol from doing its job?

To watch the video, follow this link to Fox News. “Biden and Harris could end the border crisis right now: Retired ICE special agent