VIDEO: Illegal Aliens Landing on Florida Beaches

Illegal Aliens Swimming for Shore in Florida

( – This week, hundreds of illegal aliens from Haiti arrived on the coast of Florida with a human-trafficking vessel.

You can watch videos of what took place further down this post.

More than 300 illegal aliens were found aboard the ship that got stuck in the shallow waters near Florida’s Key Largo and was intercepted by the US Coast Guard and Border Patrol agents, The Blaze reported.

When the vessel ran ashore, a total of 113 illegal immigrants jumped in the water and swam to the coast, announced the division chief for the Miami operations of US Customs and Border Protection, Adam Hoffner.

They were apprehended by Border Patrol agents and were subjected to medical screening.

Another 218 illegals remained on the human-smuggling ship. According to The Miami Herald, they were taken off by US Coast Guard vessels and will probably be sent back to Haiti.

The incident with the arrival of hundreds of illegal migrants on Florida’s beaches is being handled as a “national security mission,” according to Chief Patrol Agent Walter N. Slosar.

He added that the US authorities are still seeking to figure out which were human traffickers from among the group of 331 illegals.

“[The smugglers] treat the individuals like a commodity, and the more on the boat, the more money, and profit they make,” Border Patrol Agent Adam Hoffner told NBC News.

He revealed that the US Border Patrol had intercepted 16 illegal landings on Florida’s beaches since August 4, which have led to the apprehension of 263 illegals.

Those, however, do not include the cases in which human trafficking vessels get intercepted at sea when the illegals are prevented from landing and typically sent back to the country from which they came.

For instance, there were two such major cases in July. In one of them, 163 illegal immigrants from Haiti were stopped near Boca Chita Key and sent back; in the other, 32 Haitians intercepted near Delray Beach were prevented from reaching the US shores.

More than 800 illegals from Haiti have reached and landed in the Florida Keys in 2022 so far. Since October 2021, a total of 2,953 Haitians have interdicted at sea.

In May, the Biden administration sent 4,000 Haitians back on deportation flights after more than 15,000 arrived in the US via the US-Mexican border.

Here are the videos: