VIDEO: Illegals Overrun National Guard

Illegal aliens

( – In overwhelming evidence that the Biden administration has turned our southern border into no man’s land, video footage captured the moment when a group of illegals dismantled a barrier and overrun Texas National Guard members near El Paso, Texas.

Watch the video below.

This dramatic turn of events displays how aliens are resorting to doing everything they can in their bid to cross the border and enter America.

Shared on X by former Daily-Caller-News-Foundation-now-New-York-Post journalist Jennie Taer, the footage shows migrants forcefully opening a gap in the barrier and fighting four National Guardsmen who tried to halt their progress.

Despite the guardsmen’s efforts, the migrants burst through only to find a more challenging barrier further on.

This incident underscores the ongoing conflict between Texas and the Biden administration concerning the state’s initiative to curb illegal immigration.

A notable setback came from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which temporarily halted a law empowering state and local law enforcement to catch and deport migrants unlawfully entering the U.S.

In response to the surge in border crossings Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott mobilized the state’s National Guard to build barriers and take other measures to prevent illegal entries, especially in areas like Eagle Pass, which has seen significant migrant activity.

The challenge at the border is underscored by statistics from the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which reports encountering more than 6.6 million migrants attempting to cross illegally since the beginning of fiscal year 2021, including upwards of 2.2 million in fiscal year 2022 alone.

This escalation follows the Biden administration’s decision to open the border to aliens upon taking office by rolling back several border policies implemented by the Trump administration.

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