VIDEO: Is Joe Rogan Right About Michelle Obama and Trump?

Joe Rogan

( – Say what you will about Joe Rogan – a popular podcaster, UFC color commentator, comedian, and actor – but he’s anything but predictable. Which, in this day and age of hyper-partisanship, is refreshing and could be one of the reasons he has the most listened-to podcast on the planet.

Recently, Rogan’s fame skyrocketed even more as he detailed his anti-vaccine views and his personal experience combatting COVID-19 when he became ill with the coronavirus. Another booster (pun intended) rocket fired when famed Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers let the world know that he followed Rogan’s Covid remedy advice – not that of the Faucis of the world – when he tested positive and was sidelined by the NFL.

To be succinct, Rogan was fully adopted by the right as one of their own, given his anti-vax statements.

Now comes a video clip today (watch it a bit down the page) with Rogan saying Michelle Obama would beat former President Trump in a head-to-head presidential election in 2024.

Say what?

Rogan’s theory is that the Democrats will dump Joe Biden, keep Kamala Harris as the nominee for a second term as Vice President and that the duo would beat a Trump/Ron DeSantis ticket on the GOP side.

Say what?

Watch the video clip below and then share your reaction by emailing [email protected]. Do you agree with Rogan’s opinion that Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris would defeat Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis? Why or why not?

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