Video: Is This What Armageddon Looks Like?

Photo by Andrey Zaychuk on Unsplash

The southern skies were ablaze recently in a terrifying spectacle as a colossal fireball streaked across, coinciding with a meteor shower. This sparked widespread fears and apocalyptic predictions among observers.

The American Meteor Society logged over 50 reports of the astronomical phenomenon from states including Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.

This sky show unfolded last Friday, around 4:30 a.m., when witnesses reported seeing an intense luminary object streaking through the sky, resembling a large-scale firework display. The spectacular meteor displayed a range of colors, from green and blue to orange and yellow.

One observer from Gulfport, Mississippi, expressed amazement at the size of the spectacle, describing it as enormous and stunning. “It was the size of a car when it disappeared behind the trees,” they elaborated.

Footage from dash and ring cameras scattered across the south captured the awe-inspiring event and have since been shared widely online.

Several observers marveled at the sheer scale and brilliance of the celestial object, asserting that it was unlike anything they had seen before. A resident of Frankston, Texas shared their experience, “I’ve seen meteors before, but nothing like this. The vividness and the visible heat emanating from it was truly a sight to behold.”

One observer from New Orleans expressed apprehension at the sight, admitting that they had prepared for a potential disaster. They described their experience on the freeway, expecting a catastrophic explosion or even an apocalyptic event.

A Cheneyville, Louisiana resident believed the meteor may have landed in nearby fields, although the exact landing spot remains unknown. The observer didn’t report feeling any shockwaves or tremors, but emphasized the mesmerizing visual display, which was similar to a grand firework show.

One Alabama resident was so deeply moved by the event that they confessed it almost brought them to tears. They emphasized, “This was not just a shooting star. It was something far larger and more extraordinary. Words can’t capture the spectacle.”

Speculations were rife last week when witnesses from Louisiana reported seeing the intriguing meteor. Some went so far as to suggest it might be evidence of extraterrestrial life or an unidentified flying object (UFO).

One viewer, assessing the footage captured on a doorbell camera, claimed, “That’s not a meteor, that’s an alien spacecraft breaking into our space-time.”

Another person, with a sense of humor, suggested that the “UFO had stopped to pick up a poboy,” referencing a sandwich that originated in Louisiana.