VIDEO: Kamala Slammed After Another Mental Breakdown

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Kamala Harris repeated her previous remarks concerning community banks on Friday, continuing her pattern of repetitive public statements.

As Vice President under President Biden, Harris has frequently made news due to her unusual and recurring public utterances, which some have referred to as “verbal gaffes.” Her comments this week have kept up with this trend.

At the retail hub Sycamore & Oak in Washington D.C., Harris discussed the Biden administration’s role in managing the U.S. economy. She reiterated her focus on community banks investment and drew attention with her repeated remarks.

“For many years, we have strived to boost investment in community banks. Community banks, after all, have a unique role in providing loans and financial support to small businesses, particularly those in neglected and underprivileged communities, including rural ones. As implied by their name, these banks are community-based,” the Vice President asserted.

Responding to this, CRC advisor Bryan Doherty used a GIF from the eccentric humor series “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” to imply that Harris had enlightened him with her profound knowledge.

Deputy spokesperson for Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Chad Gilmartin, questioned, “Do they also provide banking-related services?”

Derek Hunter, a columnist for Townhall, made a sarcastic remark alluding to a famous Homer quote from The Simpsons, writing, “She’s incredibly inTELLigent!”

Steve Guest, a conservative communications expert, simply tweeted, “She actually said this.”

The Michigan GOP responded to her remarks with, “Yet another gem of wisdom from our courageous VP,” followed by a dispirited emoji.

Several commentators parodied Harris’s style of speaking by crafting their own repetitive statements.

David Blackmon, a SubStack commentator, humorously noted, “As implied by its name, nail polish is applied on nails.”

Ken Miles, a former radio presenter, joked, “Can she work this out! Grocery stores sell GROCERIES,” accompanied by a thoughtful emoji.

Earlier this week, Harris made the news for reiterating statements on “space cooperation,” and previously, she had done so with “community banks” in September last year. During a roundtable with student leaders at Claflin University in South Carolina, she highlighted the administration’s achievements.

“We have infused an extra $12 billion into community banks, as we recognize their integral presence in the community, and their understanding of its needs, desires, talents, and potentials,” she had said.