VIDEO: Massive Missile Strike Destroys Ukrainian Building

Missile Strike

( – Happening Now: As you’ll see in the video below of a major Russian missile attack on a key government building and the photo taken once the smoke had cleared, the Russian military is stepping up its assault on the people of Ukraine in its attempt to take over the country.

The missile struck Independence Square in central Kharkiv, a key Ukrainian city.

The blast killed an untold number of civilians – earliest reports said ten, but the number is rising – and government employees.

According to reporters on the scene, the building that was heavily damaged is the headquarters of the Kharkiv Oblast government. Oblast refers to a province of Ukraine, and it is the third-most populated province within the country.

This is a breaking video report.

Please watch the video below of the missile attack and review the photo showing the post-attack damage and email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion. Thank you, and have a good day.