VIDEO: Migrants Riot at Airport

Red light

( – Refusing to accept that they are breaking the law by trying to stay illegally in another country, a major commotion broke out at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris as hundreds of migrants protested the deportation of an alien.

Captured in viral footage, the video reveals an enraged mob within the airport, with their screams and cries of opposition echoing through the halls.

Watch the video below.

The uproar centered around the lawful removal of a man from French soil, which sparked tensions among those gathered.

The footage shows around 25 people eagerly expressing their opposition, which then escalated into physical confrontations. The recorded chaos does not make the specifics of the altercation clear but showcases a messy scene full of conflict.

The migration issue has long plagued France, with an increasing number of individuals from several other countries seeking refuge within its borders.

This surge has challenged local officials, such as Orleans mayor Serge Grouard, who recently voiced his shock over the unexpected arrival of hundreds of homeless aliens in his jurisdiction, as reported by a France24 News report.

In particular, Paris draws migrants predominantly from Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, all seeking shelter.

However, since the city struggles to provide sufficient accommodations, makeshift settlements have been built on its streets.

This recent demonstration at the airport is a direct consequence of France’s severe measures against illegal entry and highlights the ongoing tension between government policies and migrant communities.

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