VIDEO: Off-Duty Cop Kills Gunman

Off-Duty Police Officer Kills Gunman

( – With the skyrocketing number of murders taking place all across the United States of America, it’s good to see a murderous thug like Carlos Ortega get taken out by a fast-acting courageous police officer who was getting a haircut when Ortega walked up and shot and killed the officer’s barber.

You can watch the wild video further down the page, but here’s a little background about what happened.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, an off-duty Baltimore City police officer was getting a haircut in The Bladi Style barbershop in the Medford neighborhood of East Baltimore when Carlos Ortega walked in and opened fire on the cop’s barber, killing her almost instantly.

The cop, after first ducking the bullets Ortega was firing into the barber, got out of the barber chair and moved behind Ortega, who was still intent on the woman barber he’d shot.

While moving past Ortega, the cop pulls his concealed handgun and immediately opens fire on Ortega, killing him instantly.

It’s worth noting that law enforcement authorities believe Ortega had already shot and killed two other people earlier in the day.

Bottom line: A hero cop did what he was trained to do and put an end to a murderous thug.

Here’s the video. After watching, share your reaction by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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