VIDEO: Pelosi Humiliated At Press Conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

( – It’s a safe bet that California Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will think twice before holding an outside press conference again where she can’t control who might be nearby the way she can inside the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, where she normally holds her press conferences.

It’s also a safe bet that the staffer or staffers who arranged the outside press conference that you’ll see a snippet of in the video below will be fired if that hasn’t happened already.

One can only imagine how angry Pelosi must’ve been after she was interrupted by a heckler who was close enough to the podium where Pelosi was speaking that he successfully drowned her out with a booming, “LET’S GO, BRANDON! WOOOOOO! USA! USA! USA!”

Actually, you don’t have to imagine because, as you see in the video below, Pelosi was visibly shaken and angry. Even more so, we suspect, because she was on her home turf in socialist San Francisco.

As almost everyone on the face of the planet knows by now, “Let’s go, Brandon” is the non-profanity version of “F*ck Joe Biden,” and can be heard almost everywhere Democrats of Pelosi’s political stature gather before the public.

It’s become so prolific that it rings out at sports stadiums across the United States of America and is the rumored reason that Joe Biden didn’t attend the recent Army-Navy football game for fear that the chant would start there and cause a national embarrassment for the so-called commander-in-chief.

Please watch the video below of Pelosi being humiliated and share your reaction by emailing [email protected]. Do you approve or disapprove of what the heckler did?

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