VIDEO: Protesters at Biden Home

Palestinian demonstrators

( – In Wilmington, Delaware, at Joe Biden’s residence, a congregation of pro-Palestinian demonstrators demanded an immediate cease-fire from Israel and relief for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in their ongoing war.

This assembly was announced by the leftwing Delaware chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America through a post on X, previously known as Twitter. The post included a video capturing the crowd’s shouts: “Biden, Biden, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!”

See the video below.

This demonstration reflects the escalating tensions and worldwide reactions from the left to the ongoing conflict that erupted early last month following a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel.

Although trying to appease the extreme left for a chance at reelection, Biden has correctly professed strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself against terror attacks. “We’re going to continue to affirm that Israel has the right, responsibility to defend its citizens from terror and it needs to do so in a manner that is consistent with international and humanitarian law and prioritizes the protection of citizens,” Biden remarked earlier this month.

While the U.S. has advocated for a “pause” in the hostilities, they have stopped short of endorsing a full cease-fire. The White House characterizes this “pause” as a temporary and localized suspension of combat intended to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza and enable civilian evacuation.

Recently, the White House announced an agreement with Israel to implement a temporary cessation of military operations in Gaza. This truce is to last for a minimum of four hours daily, permitting civilians to evacuate from conflict zones. It was detailed that Palestinians in northern Gaza would have the opportunity to move towards the southern part, with a second safe corridor being established for this purpose.

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby elaborated during a press briefing, “We understand that Israel will begin to implement four-hour pauses in areas of northern Gaza each day, with an announcement to be made three hours beforehand.”

This development underscores the ongoing extreme-left efforts to discredit Israel and its right to defend its citizens.