Video: Thrown Off Flight For Wearing THIS?!?

Allegiant Air

( – Has it come to this? Are the airlines getting this petty? Are they so afraid of a few words written on a mask that they will throw a passenger off a flight for expressing an opinion in words so small you can barely see or read them? Has censorship of Americans gone this far?

The answer to all of those questions appears to be yes if you watch the video contained within the tweet we are republishing a bit further down this post.

Here’s a bit of background.

Apparently, as a means of silent protest against being forced to wear a mask on a commercial flight, a passenger on Allegiant Air wrote “Let’s Go Brandon” on his mask.

And, apparently, the flight crew took exception to this silent protest and kicked the gentleman off the flight.

Now, watch the video below for yourself (click the arrow in the blue circle with your sound turned on) and then email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion about what Allegiant Air did to this gentleman. Notice he is fighting with anyone. He’s not causing a disturbance as best as we can tell. He merely wrote “Let’s Go Brandon” on his mask in a mild, silent form of protest.

Here’s the video of what took place: