VIDEO: Thug Attacks, Robs Senior In Broad Daylight

( – In these increasingly violent times in the United States of America, thousands of victims are robbed by criminal thugs every day in our country.

As one police officer who subscribes to Right Is Right told us in an email, “Violent crime in the United States is now an epidemic, and it’s getting worse with Biden and Harris than it was with Trump.”

And, as the officer pointed out to us, crimes against Seniors are dramatically increasing.

Here’s an example, and you can watch the video of the violent attack below.

As described by the New York Post:

A robber hurled an elderly man to the ground as he snatched his wallet in the Bronx this week, new video released by police shows. The 79-year-old victim was thumbing through his wallet on East 149th Street near Brook Avenue in Mott Haven at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday when the suspect approached and quickly grabbed it, according to cops and the footage.” [emphasis added]

What do you think? Please watch the video below (press the arrow in the middle) and email us at [email protected] and share your opinion about the level of violence committed by criminal thugs roaming the streets of the United States of America. Can you recall a time when it was this bad? Or, is this the most violent and dangerous time in modern American history? We value your opinions and look forward to your feedback. Thank you, and have a good day.

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