VIDEO: UFO Crash Lands In Backyard

Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

A “tall, skinny alien creature with a greenish color” between 8 to 10 feet tall hid behind a forklift in a Las Vegas family’s backyard after a possible UFO crash on the night of April 30, early morning of May 1.

“I looked at it in the eyes, and my body just froze like having sleep paralysis,” the witness, who did not give his name, said in a YouTube video published on Thursday (June 8).

He goes on to describe the creature’s features, which include a “weird-looking face” with a “big mouth” and “big shiny eyes,” he adds that the creature has “big feet.”

He relayed that he could “hear its loud, deep breathing” and see its stomach moving, adding that he could move a few seconds after the creature stared at him.

He called 911 at 12:25 am on May 1 and told the dispatcher that large creatures were in his backyard.

“They’re not human. One hundred percent they’re not human,” he told 911 dispatchers in the audio recording, swearing, “it’s not a joke. It’s actually real.”

Las Vegas police responded to the call after another officer’s body camera — dated April 30 at 11:50 pm — captured a glowing streak of green light in the sky from the upper right corner until it seemingly crashed and disappeared into the distance.

According to the American Meteor Society, at least 21 people in eastern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah reported seeing a glowing green light.

The witness, who was seen on the officer’s body camera, told his story in a YouTube video using the username Alien Society51, interspersing his commentary with clips of body camera footage, a neighbor’s door camera that captured a loud crash and aftershock, and a photo of a “perfect” circle in his yard, which he claimed was left behind by the aircraft.

The witness said he and his brother were working on a car in his yard around midnight on May 1 when they heard something fall from the sky.

“I turned around and saw a big light falling from the sky,” moments after that, “I felt a big impact and a bang… when the impact happened, it was like a shockwave,” he said, adding that his backyard was blurry, but not his vision.

“I heard thousands of footsteps around me,” a few seconds later, the footsteps disappeared.

He called 911 and the recording was released to the media.

In the recording, he describes the creatures to the dispatcher, adding, “I swear to god its not a joke,” going on to suggest that they are “100 percent not human” as he describes them having “shiny eyes” and a “big mouth.”

In a statement to Fox News Digital, prominent journalist George Knapp, who has broken some of the biggest UFO stories, revealed he spoke with the family over the past four weeks and hadn’t found a “hint of a hoax,” adding, “But what really happened? We don’t know.”

And authorities still don’t know what happened in Las Vegas that night, but there is evidence that something happened.

“I know some people are not going to believe this,” the witness says in the 7-minute YouTube video that has garnered half a million views.

“But this is what happened to me.”